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Can we bring our own headphones?

The simple answer is no. You cannot bring anything with you inside the test room except for yourself, your clothes and, optionally, your eyeglasses. If you need any medical assistance, you need to contact the test centre ahead of time to accommodate you. Given that, you need to test thoroughly the headphones provided to you […]

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Testing your headphones and microphone

As part of PTE's process, before you take the PTE exam, you will be given a chance to test your headphones and microphone. Test everything thoroughly. If you happen to find any slight issues with the PTE staff as this will affect your exam scores. One of the common issues is the microphone. At times […]

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Are we allowed to bring templates during the exam?

No, you cannot bring anything during the exam. You need to memorize all the templates. When you enter the exam location, the PTE staff will give you a locker so you can put all your things inside. Aside from your clothes, you are only allowed to bring your eyeglasses inside the exam room. During the […]

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